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        WHAT IS SDA


                                                                SDA is accommodation for people
                                                                who need specialist housing solutions,

                                                                including high-level support due
                                                                to extreme functional impairment or
                                                                special needs for very high support.
                                                                The goal is to help them increase

                                                                their independence and reduce
                                                                reliance on support staff.

                                                                Approximately 6% of National

                                                                Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
                                                                participants, or 28,000 people
                                                                nationally, are expected to require
        SDA, but it is expected that SDA solutions will be required for an additional

        12,300 participants.

        It is estimated that $700 million will be spent on SDA rental assistance annually.


                             ABOUT NDIS       •  The NDIS is a Commonwealth government-backed

                                                program that comes with a special rental payment to
                                                boost investment in SDA property. This payment is
                                                called the Special Disability Allowance (SDA).

                                STABILITY     •  The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is
                                                backed by legislation that requires agreement from all
                                                states and territories before any changes are made.

                          FAST GROWTH         •  To encourage investment in SDA property, the NDIA

                                                provides a generous rental subsidy. The scale of this
                                                building project cannot be overstated and has been
                                                slated as the largest social housing building program
                                                Australia has ever seen.

                          FULLY FUNDED        •  The government has committed $700 million annually
                                                for payments to SDA property investors, indexed for the
                                                next 20 years!
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