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        •  According to a federal government                   example, make up one very small cohort of
          announcement, all people under 45 currently          participants. Sadly, Queensland alone averages
          in nursing homes will be put into SDA housing        more than 100 new cases of severe spinal
          within three years, while all those under 65 will   injury every year.
          enter SDA housing within six years.
                                                             •  In the September 2019 quarter, the number of
        •  The estimated number of SDA houses needed is  participants with SDA in their plan had
          based on only 6% of disabled people getting SDA  increased by 8% to more than 13,000 people,
          payments. The number has already doubled in          and we propose housing 4 participants
          trial regions and so the number of SDA properties    (tenants) per development.
          required is expected to be much larger.
                                                             •  The continued rise in the number of people
        •  Over the last financial year $70 million in SDA     with an SDA plan means demand is far
          funding was spent on the rental payments for         exceeding supply.
          SDA property investors. The government’s
          target is $700 million!                            •  There are currently 28,000 NDIS participants
                                                               needing housing, and the housing shortage
        •  Demand is not static. Spinal injury patients, for  is critical.

          Category                                             Estimated number              SDA Eligibility

          Young people in aged care                                  6,200                    SDA eligible

          Unmet need and wait list                                   5,800                    SDA eligible

          Existing Supported Accomodation places                     16,000                   SDA eligible

          Total SDA eligible NDIS participants                       28,000


        •  SDA funding under the NDIS is a LEGISLATED commitment of Australia’s Commonwealth,

          state and territory governments, set out in the NDIS SDA Rules (2016) under the NDIS Act
          (2013). This legislation provides the foundation for the government’s long-term and firm
          commitment to SDA funding under the NDIS.

        •  The Commonwealth Government cannot change any aspect of the legislation without
          approval of all states and territories.

        •  The United Nations Convention and the National Disability Strategy, the UN Convention
          on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), was ratified in Australia in 2008. The
          National Disability Strategy 2010–2020 (NDS) is Australia’s plan to comply with the CRPD,
          and the Commonwealth and all state and territory governments have agreed to the NDIS.
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