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        In mid-2019 Tony identified a niche and potentially large opportunity within the construction
        and property development industry. It was to construct specialist accommodation for the
        now government-funded NDIS SDA participants. The federal government is committed to
        supporting NDIS participants in rental assistance to the amount of $700 million per year for
        the next 20 years.

        It is this government funding that has created the opportunity now before us. The initial and
        ongoing funding assists NDIS participants to live independently in their own home rented
        with the funds provided by the federal government.


            • Complete multiple simultaneous developments.

        The business will have control of everything every step of the way:
            • Land acquisition
            • Design & development
            • Construction
            • SDA provider (in place)
            • Access to NDIS-approved participants (tenants)
            • Property marketing

        The business is operational as an early stage start up.


                                         Tony Harvey of BD Consultants

                                                   (ABN 68 676 170 192)
                                                   0412 171 079 or

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